. February 11, 2021

Women Are Changing Family Practice


Today more than ever women are helping to change the face of family practice. There have always been more men in family practice than there have been women. For many years, women were reluctant to enter family practice because there was gender stereotyping, sexism, and difficulties of mixing and balancing both family and work. Today, women are not only becoming doctors more and more they also fill some of the seats on the board of directors.

Women in family practice are rejecting the negative stereotypes and proving that they can not only balance both family and work, they can excel at it. There are many support groups, seminars, and literature available today that encourage women to pursue careers in family practice and how to come up with a harmonious balance between the two. These are only a small part of the changing attitudes that show that people are more accepting of women running family practices whereas years ago, it may not have been so acceptable. Further, there was no help available to women at all that assisted women and gave them a place to turn to.

Until recently women have been the minority especially in family practice but as more people have showed an interest in female doctors, the demands are being filled. Many women feel much more comfortable speaking with not only a female doctor but one who has positioned herself in a family practice because there is no greater comfort zone. However, many men want to see a female doctor too, which is another reason that women and family practice fit together and are a perfect match.

Many family practice doctors are actually offering partnerships that are geared towards women doctors because they have a tendency to attract new patients. It causes a lot of work for women when they attempt to manage a family practice, balance a family, and continue to work towards furthering their careers but are able to do it. Women are actually an asset to the world of family practice and with this constant growth; it is possible to reestablish the role of family medicine practice.

Since family practice embraces health care, mainly preventative, and treats babies to seniors, many people also like the idea of having a woman ran family practice because children are more likely to take to women than men doctors. Family practices are a place that families as a whole can go for medical treatment and see the same doctor each time and continue with an ongoing medical relationship.

Times have changed since back in the day and although women have not been able to bust the glass ceiling they surely have put a few cracks in it. If women keep going and not just in family practice in particular, the glass ceiling might just disappear altogether. There is no doubt that women are changing the way that people view family practice in general. They are an asset and are going to show that they can make changes, become leaders, and change the whole concept of what a family practice really is.



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