. February 11, 2021

Relationship Issues


Relationships play an important part in people’s lives, as they provide a person with love, support, and understanding.  On the other hand, relationships can also be a source of indecision and sorrow.  It is essential that a person maintains a healthy relationship to enjoy its benefits, but sometimes this too is hard to do because of relationship issues that surface as the relationship gets deeper.

Some of the most common relationship issues include decision making, avoiding confrontation, arriving recurrently late, finding problems with everyone, swamped with ones own perspective, separation anxiety, consumed with oneself, communicating ineffectively, and avoiding change.

Decision making is one of the most common relationship issues, as one can find themselves paralyzed with important decision making because they have to consider their relationship’s say on the matter, and oftentimes they can’t come to a decision

Avoiding confrontation is another common issue, when someone in the relationship tends to keep away from confrontations during problems, and simply hope that it fades away, adds stress to the relationship.  Sometimes, issues that could have been solved if talked about become big and put a hole in the relationship that frequently leads to misunderstandings, breakups, or separations.

Arriving recurrently late and the tendency to not show up is one of the relationship issues that puts weight on a “one-sided” relationship, which means that the relationship is not healthy for the other person involved.

Finding problems with everyone is an issue that comes close with the “I need Mr. or Ms. Perfect” problem.  This is a common misconception of people who want a perfect relationship, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, and sometimes one just has to get past the imperfections of people to truly have a good relationship.

Swamped with ones own perspective.  Some people are inclined to not comprehend with other people’s feelings just because they are not in similar situations as they are.

Separation anxiety is one of the common relationship issues of some people, as they tremendously feel anger every time a close friend, family, or love interest leaves.

Consumed with oneself breaks ties as one ever talks about or is concerned about is himself; not thinking about important happenings of those people that surround his life such as friends, family, or partner.

Communicating ineffectively such as handling a conflict by flaring up, not saying what’s really in mind, or not saying anything at all and just giving the cold shoulder.

Avoiding change such as not altering ways or seeking new paths that would better relations even if the current situation generally makes them unhappy is one of the most common relationship issues as well.

Relationship issues should be carefully looked into, talking about them honestly and openly helps a lot; otherwise ignoring these issues can lead to relationship disasters.




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