. June 17, 2022

5 Signs Your Ex Is Waiting For You To Make The First Move


I don’t know about you, but I hate asking my friends about their exes. It’s not that I don’t want to talk about it, or that I’m too awkward to do so, it’s just that it inevitably reminds me of the time my ex broke up with me and reminds me of all the pain that went along with that relationship. However, there are definitely certain signs your ex is waiting for you to make the first move – here are five of them.

1) They’re still keeping tabs on you

Whether your ex likes to friend you on Facebook or stalk your Instagram is irrelevant. If they haven’t made contact with you in several months and have suddenly increased their social media surveillance, it’s a sign that they’re at least somewhat interested in getting back together. A good rule of thumb is to assume that an ex who has ceased all contact is ready to move on; if that’s not true, chances are high that something isn’t right. And remember: If your ex does like what they see on social media, it could be because they’re looking for material for future gossip rags or lawsuits.

2) They wait to text back until they are with other people

Do you think that your ex is being cautious around you? Many people will put on an act when they’re around their friends and family. Instead of openly addressing issues, they usually give excuses for why things didn’t work out between you two. They don’t want to seem vulnerable or to admit their mistakes and flaws; so, in order to appear strong and capable, they do everything possible to avoid confrontation with you. If your ex falls into that category, then chances are he/she has been talking about you behind your back, and is hoping that his/her actions will let him/her know what action needs to be taken in order for you two to reconcile.

3) They’re showing up at places where they think you’ll be

If you’re going to see a movie on Friday night and your ex knows you like action films, they may show up at your favorite theater. Sure, it could be happenstance, but you never know…maybe your ex just wants a chance to say hi. If they’re showing up in places where they think you’ll be or planning near-future activities with people whom they suspect might get them closer to you, consider that as one of their cues that they still hold out hope for reconciliation. They don’t have any new dating prospects: There’s no longer a rush if there’s no one else waiting in line!

4) They want details about what’s going on in your life

We have a theory that people miss you when they’re gone. So if your ex is getting more and more details about what’s going on in your life, it might be because they want to know how you’re doing in their absence. A way to test out that theory is to intentionally avoid filling them in on what’s happening with you: If they seem genuinely curious about where you are and what you’re up to, chances are good that waiting for you is part of why they’ve stayed away. But if there isn’t any follow-up conversation after your update, then it’s time to move on from them as a potential waiting-for-you situation. If there IS follow-up conversation—that’s still not an invitation for contact; don’t do it!

5) They want to make amends for how things ended

They may be sending you loving texts, asking if you’re doing well, and/or telling you how much they miss being around you. This is a sign that your ex wants to get back together with you. If their reasons for breaking up still seem legit (e.g., fighting all of the time), it might be best to give them another chance to prove themselves. If not, then it was probably time for your relationship to end and it’s better off staying that way.




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