. February 11, 2021

Why Should I Even Bother To Buy A Life Insurance?


Numerous economic experts believe life insurance to be the basis of sound economic planning. It is in general a cost-effective way to take care about your loved ones after you are departed. It can be an important instrument in many ways.

Income substitute

For the majority of people, their main financial asset is their capability to make a living. If you have people depending on you, then you need to think about what would happen to them if they suddenly do not have your income to count on. Income from a life insurance policy can help complement retirement income. This can be particularly useful if the benefits of your surviving other half or family partner will be reduced after you pass away.

Pay your debts

Think of life insurance so that your loved ones have the money to pay for the funeral, credit card debts unpaid and medical expenses not covered by health insurance. And further, life insurance can be used to pay off the house loan, as extra retirement savings and assist pay college education.

Charitable donations

If you have a favourite aid organization, you can assign some of the money from your life insurance to go to them.

Okay, you get the picture – you need a life insurance!

How much life insurance do you need?

To make a decision about how much life insurance to get, you need to find out what your goals are in buying this coverage. Try to find answers for the following:

Should I spare my loved ones for the funeral costs and other outstanding debts?

Am I worried that my wife or domestic partner will not be able to continue to pay off the mortgage?

Do I have dependents who count on my income?

What about college savings for my children or retirement savings for my spouse if I die?


If you have children, or your other half does not work outside the home. Or maybe your aging parents life with you, and you financially take care of them. Then you have dependents. Are your loved ones capable of paying the mortgage without your financial contribution? Either way, your loved ones will no longer have your income to help them pay the bills and keep their lifestyle after you are gone. You will have to buy enough insurance to provide for their future.

Your family may also need extra money to make some changes after you die. They may want to move or your other half may have to go back to school to be in a better position to help support the family.

No dependents

If you are young and want to have a family in the future, you might also want to buy a life insurance now so that you can lock in a good rate.

Just because you do not have dependents, does not mean you do not have responsibilities. You may be concerned with not being an economic burden to others when you die. You may also want to leave some money behind to your family, friends or a charity. You should buy enough coverage to pay outstanding debts, tax liabilities and funeral expenses.



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