. February 11, 2021

Dating Tips For Christian Singles


As Christians, we are used to being different from those around us. We make different choices about how we spend the Sabbath, and how we prioritize our time. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to Christian singles dating, our choices are different as well.

Since what a Christian is looking for in a dating relationship is usually different from what others are looking for, it can be difficult to find partners. The first challenge in Christian singles dating is finding the right person to date. There are some tips that can help.

Look at church for other singles. Ask around your congregation, and look in the area for other congregations that you could visit. Some may have single-specific activities you could attend.

This certainly doesn’t mean you give up your own church, but you need to put yourself in places where you can get acquainted with others that share your beliefs. As one pastor said, you can’t marry someone you never meet. So Christian singles dating is made easier if you attend events with other single Christians.

Another good way to meet others is to get involved in service. There are lots of organizations that serve. Some are connected to churches, but others are community organizations. You’ll likely find others who share your values and are interested in Christian singles dating.

If the people you meet aren’t single, they will likely have a Christian friend or relative who is also single. Networking is the way to get to know people. It works for dating as well as business.

Going online is another great way to meet other Christians. Using an online dating or personal ad service is a quick way to meet other single Christians. There are sites specifically set up for Christians that are easy to use.

When dating Christians, it’s important to let them know the kind of relationship you are seeking.  Many single Christians want to find a life marriage partner. If you are not interested in that kind of relationship, it’s best to say so upfront. It will save hurt feelings later.

Dating is the place to practice good relationship skills. It’s important to look for the best in a partner. Learn to compliment sincerely and overlook minor difficulties.

However, dating is also the time to discover exactly what you want in a partner. You may discover your partner has different values and commitments.  It is good to identify those during the dating process and decide if they are differences you want to live with long term.

Christians should set limits on physical contact. If you set limits up front, then you’ll find you don’t have the physical desires cloud your emotions and lead you to poor decisions you’ll both regret

Simple rules include staying out of bedrooms and always dating in public places where lots of other people are around.

Prayer and meditation are also important aspects to Christian singles dating. Ask about this person and ask if the relationship is on track so you can make great decisions about dating and life.

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