. February 11, 2021

Real friends


It isn’t always easy to make new friends when you get older. People don’t just walk up to each other, stick out their hand and say, “Hi, my name is such and such, be my friend?” The world of friendship doesn’t work that way. When you’re a kid, making friends is as simple as can be. You share a toy or a snack and boom! – you’ve bonded. Middle school and high school, making friends isn’t as easy but it comes fairly naturally. You make friends with people who have the same likes and dislikes. The same thing happens in college. And someday, once you’re out of school and on your own, and you wonder, were they real friends or just friends that helped get your through the temporary situations of life. Were they really there for you like real friends should be?

Once you’re an adult and concentrating on making your life work out however it is meant to, finding real friends isn’t always easy. If you’ve managed to keep some friends from the past, consider yourself lucky. A lot of times, people grow up, move away, get married, have kids and suddenly – you’re lucky to get a Christmas card from them each year. That’s just the way that life goes.

So, how do you make friends when you get older? And more importantly, how do you make real friends? The kind of friends who will share in life’s triumphs and heartaches with you? Where do you go to find them? Well, if you’re still single – you can get find some singles groups. Sure, people mainly go there to find dates but you can bond with others of the same sex as well. Get involved in the community. That’s something that you can do whether you’re single, married or as a family. Your community probably always has something going on and not only will you have the opportunity to make new friends but you’ll end up participating in something that will make you feel good as well.

If you go to church – get involved. If there are small groups that get together for Bible study or just to share life together, find a way to join. If you don’t go to church, consider trying it. You may find that you get a lot more than just new friendships out of it. Join a club. If you have an interest – coin collecting, exercise, dance, metal detecting – find out if there’s a local club and join. If you have young kids, arrange play dates and try to get to know the other parents.

Whatever method you choose to find some new friends – the kind you want to call real friends, remember that you have to return the favor. Having a real friend means being a real friend. It isn’t just a one-way street. Have an open mind and let yourself relax. Making new friends isn’t just for kids – it can be for adults too. But, only if you’re willing to be a friend as well.




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