. February 11, 2021

Jewely The Origination Of


Jewelry is ornaments of precious metals worn to beautify ourselves.  It is an art form that lures people and attracts people of all ages. Heirloom jewels are passed on from parents to the next generation.  Such is the bond that jewelry creates in the hearts of people who believe in looking beautiful.

The word ‘jewelry’ is derived from the French word ‘jouel’. The earliest form of jewelry was made from shells that were made into beads.  Jewelry of our ancestors was made from materials such as animal teeth, shells, wood, stone, bones of animals etc. They used all natural materials.  It was worn by people of high stature and even after death, the jewelry went into the grave with them.  You would have seen archaeologists discover skeletons from the past with jewelry on their body.

With passage of time, jewelry was made from synthetic materials too.  Although, primarily gold, silver, white gold, platinum remain the more sought after metals to be used in the making or ornaments.  Precious gemstones like diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire etc. are also embedded into the metal to make the ornaments even better looking.

Costume jewelry is something that’s made of synthetic materials like plastic, ivory, wood, glass etc.  Fashion jewelry is cheap and easy to buy and there is a craze for it amongst teenagers, who can just pick up a piece with their pocket money.

Wearing jewelry made with costly metals and precious stones such as diamonds is considered a sign of wealth and prosperity.  Some people buy precious jewelry as an investment for the future.  They know that the value can only increase.

Jewelry over the ages has come to become an important part of a special occasion; in fact it is an essential part in some occasions like engagements and weddings. In the West, an engagement ring and a wedding are the quint essentials in performing these ceremonies.  Similarly, there is no Indian Hindu Wedding without a mangalasutra, which is the sacred thread worn in the neck.

Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, chains, necklaces, chokes, finger rings, wrist bands, bracelets, waist bands, leg chains, ear studs, earrings and name it and you have it.  All these again come as plain jewelry with nothing but gold or silver etc., or embedded with precious gemstones.  Again, depending on the quality of the metal used or the weight of the stone, from the most expensive to the least expensive, diamond jewelry being the most expensive and most sought after.  You even have watches with gold and precious stones, like diamonds.

With such a varied choice, how can you restrict a woman from wanting more to make her look beautiful or for that matter, how can a man contain himself.  From ancient times, jewelry has been synonymous for both men and women equally.  Diamond watches are in vogue with men right now and they are made to show off a man’s masculinity.

For those of you that appreciate jewelry, there are no bounds.  Pick something within your budget and enjoy the pleasure it affords and the beauty that becomes your own.



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