. February 11, 2021

Divorce Information


“Till death do us part,” you both said. Was that all a lie then? As you find yourself coping with the effects of divorce – emotions made raw, mixed feelings of grief, anger, rejection, guilt, and intense loneliness, you find yourself having to cope with other things that are just as important.

QUESTIONS: Will you forge ahead and build a new relationship? Or will you stay single and concentrate on being a parent?

Think of your life before divorce as Act 1 of a stage play and the end of divorce as the drawing of the curtains for the intermission before Act 2 begins. That’s right. Whether you choose to concentrate your efforts on raising your child or start looking for another person with whom you can share your life with, there is indeed life after divorce.

All the divorce information you can find on the web can attest to that. Divorce is both an end and a beginning. Although there is no one way of getting over that part of your life and putting yourself back together, just keep in mind this one important divorce information: The moment you walked out of that courthouse, you are walking into a new life.

ISSUES: Separation? Reconciliation?

Now, whether or not you are walking into a good, smooth-sailing life or a heart-wrenchingly lonely one will depend entirely on how you dealt with the main issues of divorce information.

There are many and they must be resolved as early as possible, preferably before finalization of all the divorce papers. The first and most obvious one, of course, is the issue of separation. Are you ready for it? What are the consequences?

From your research on divorce information, including what happens afterwards, you may have some idea. But things can be different in your particular situation. If you want to know what it’s really like to be separated from your spouse, you may opt for a trial separation.

You have two choices: an informal separation where you and your spouse set the rules or a formal one, attended with all the necessary formal, legal details that you learn from divorce information.

The most important advantage of a trial separation is that it is reversible. You can try it for a while, go through counseling and then opt for a reconciliation. Or you can try it and then proceed with divorce.

LEGAL TECHNICALITIES:  Division of property? Parenting plans? Child Support? Spousal support?

For all the divorce information you may have found about how difficult and “technical” the whole proceeding is, the secret that all divorce lawyers guard is that the whole thing is actually quite simple. What makes divorce so complex is not so much the technical complexity, but rather the white hot emotional content of so many of the issues.

Ah, but it’s only human to get emotional. After all, this is your life suddenly falling apart here. Leave the technical divorce information to the lawyers while you sit back and contemplate the new life ahead of you.



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