Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm so excited to start up My Better Half again and even more excited to have Michael and Leigh as our new featured couple. Michael is a talented photographer and musician. Leigh is a wonderful writer, designer/web developer, and the creator of the Synonym Journal (for sale here). Quite the pair. Michael blogs here and Leigh blogs here—where they both continue to post one inspiration after the other. They currently live and work in Austin, Texas.

Thank you Leigh and Michael for being a part of My Better Half!

1) Obsessed with ceramics, small wooden utensils and wabi-sabi.
2) Born and raised in a german-settled town in Texas that is home to the largest fresh-water water park in the USA and the oldest bakery in Texas.
3) Uses dijon mustard on most anything edible.

1) Is semi-secretly obsessed with major league baseball.
2) Loves heavy metal and punk music despite being a member of a band that plays quiet, instrumental music.
3) Recently downloaded over 30GB of surf movies.

THEIR STORY (written by Michael)
We met at a concert (Bowerbirds & Megafaun) at the Mohawk in Austin, Texas, during the summer of 2009. Strangely, we had zero friends in common. One of our early dates involved camping out in a tent on a trampoline in Leigh's backyard while watching Twin Peaks (laptop and extension cord running out of her bedroom window into the tent). Shortly thereafter, Leigh got a job in NYC, and I moved up there as well. After two years, we left NYC and again became Texans. For now.

Thank you Leigh and Michael for being a part of My Better Half!
Photographs by Michael Muller


  1. Hooray for cute inspiring texans. I've always found Michael's breadth of talent commendable.

  2. sweet couple. love this series!

  3. I, too, love this series. so simple and elegant. love love love. these two are pretty cute too.

  4. so happy that *my better half* is back!

  5. I love this series! So glad it's back, and this couple is super cute!

  6. Balmorhea is one of my absolute FAVORITE bands - so rad to see one of its member on here :) Super cute couple!

  7. Great couple! And I adore Balmorhea!

  8. I love this entire series! It looks so cute and speaks off the couples so well!


  9. What a sweet couple! Love that this series is back! :)

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