Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Friday! I'm excited to end the week with Jon and Nina Hans! Nina is an art director and designer. Jon is a songwriter and works at Ecclesia Hollywood. They both live in a beautiful mid-century modern loft in Los Angeles. Continue reading for more! Thanks Jon and Nina for being a part of My Better Half!

1. Paints her nails every two days. (That's 182 times a year!)
2. Grew up with a 15 foot waterfall in her backyard.
3. Got ran over by a golf cart.

1. Was once rescued up by a black hawk helicopter.
2. Once attempted to fill the bathroom up with water when his mom wouldn't take him to the pool.
3. Grew up in Sentani, West Papua, Indonesia.

THEIR STORY (as told by Nina)
We met over 10 years ago in a coffee shop in Hawaii. Fast track five years, I ran into him when I first moved to Los Angeles and we became besties. For years we were just friends until one morning he took me surfing in Malibu and then to my favorite city for dinner, San Francisco! We held hands and fireworks happened. We dated for a couple years, and then broke up like all good couple do before they get married. He was making a record in Nashville when he realized he was in love with me. He had never been in love before, but knew it was a big deal, so big that you can't tell someone that over a text message or even on facetime. You have to say that in person. So he flew to LA that night, showed up on my porch, and confessed his love to me. We married (at sunrise!) in April of last year and are living happily every after.

Thank you Jon and Nina for being a part of My Better Half!
Photographs by Nina and Jon Hans


  1. What a lovely post!
    I actually have met Jon via a mutual friend and also because we attend the same church!
    Loved their story for My Better Half.

  2. sounds kind of like my boyfriend and me.. met in a coffee shop... broke up.. then rekindled.... they're so cute!

  3. I love their love story! I have goosebumps!

  4. What a fun couple! I love the story about filling up the bathroom. Haha.

  5. These two are cuties. I love their story. So romantic.

  6. this story is so intense! i love it.

  7. This is my first time chiming in.. but I just wanted to let you know I absolutely love this series! It's such a beautiful way to spotlight love and good relationships. I feel like the world in general needs to put more of an emphasis on the optimistic and beautiful side of marriage and I want to thank you for helping to contribute to that! It's quite uplifting and never fails to remind me how much I love my own better half :)

    Keep up the awesome work!

  8. Hey! I know Jon! What a cool surprise to see these two on here:)

  9. Oh goodness, their story is so so sweet!
    Love it. Love this series.

  10. Nice love story I love the pictures :)
    Vintage Inspired Girls

  11. I like how you did this! Very creative!

  12. This is so cool, how do I and my newly wife get to appear here?

  13. just came across your blog & already obsessed with these "my better half" features! also i can relate to nina, as i paint my nails every 2 days {to deter myself from biting them...}


  14. Oh I love this: "We dated for a couple years, and then broke up like all good couple do before they get married". Ain't that the truth!! My hubbie and I followed that same path. xoxo.

  15. i love love love your story. the book is never fully closed, just bookmarked for the future.